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We have been specializing in the removal of moles both commercially and residentially in the New York Finger Lakes Region for over 7 years. In that time many lawn care companies, property managers, and home owners have crowned us as the local authority in mole management. Our vast knowledge of the moles biology and habits coupled with our experience and drive is what sets us apart.

With Total Mole Control, you receive a top notch aggressive trapping program to remove all the moles from your property. All contracts are covered with our seasonal warranty against the return of other moles at no extra cost. All our mole traps are covered to protect them and to maintain the appearance of your property. The traps are checked and maintained as necessary. All mounds and visible tunneling will be leveled to help monitor for fresh lawn damage. All this is what makes us “Total Mole Control”.

Chances are that if you have made the effort to check our website out you already know that ultrasonic devices, poisons, chewing gum, cayenne pepper, smoke bombs, human hair, castor beans and oil, mothballs, and predator urine will only move the moles to a different section of your lawn, or possibly pause their activity for a few days at most. With the mole being an insectivore, the common misconception is that a grub control or pesticide application program will help control the problem, but it won’t. Moles not only eat grubs, ants, centipedes and other invertebrates, they also eat earthworms, which are by far their number one food source. Pesticides will not completely rid your yard of all earthworms and other invertebrates. Furthermore, earthworms are far too important to your yard’s wellbeing to get rid of them to solve a mole problem.

With that said, all the home remedies and gimmicks sold in stores are not only ineffective, they also allow the moles time to breed and establish more tunnels and mounds. With the moles ability to dig surface tunnels at a rate of 15 feet per hour, they can destroy a nicely landscaped property in no time at all.

Trapping is the only way to get rid of moles.
Hiring a professional mole trapper to do this kind of work doesn’t cost; it pays.

Below you will find a map noting the vast areas Total Mole Control services. If you are within this range, or close to this range, we will be glad to help you with all your mole removal needs.

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